Wednesday, December 21, 2005

WWCD? (What would Christians Do?)

This morning I made my rounds through the blogs I keep track of. Over at Eight Strings Nate posted pretty much a one-liner. "Do things Christians aren't suppose to do" seriously, that's all he wrote. I'm hoping he's trying to do a mental challenge on me rather than sometime in the past two days maybe he's lost his mind. So I was thinking, how many of the things do we do as 'Christians' aren't necessarily what Jesus would do. If a sinner is watching us, and they become saved, immediately how they decide what 'Christ' would do, is based on what we would do. So their questions (wrongfully so, btw) are more along the lines of what Christians would do. So they end up asking themselves, "Would Christians wear a suit to church?" "Would Christians object to worship services without a hymn?" "Would Christians use this word?"
The problem I see with this is, as every builder knows, if you're going to cut out more than one mold of a thing then you have to start with the original each time. If you base your cuts off the 2nd one made, and the cuts of the 4th one off the 3rd one made, and so on and so on, by the time you're done with your cuts, you'll be able to notice a difference between your original and your final product.
Imagine if you would, if that is what was done by Christians just since 1600. How many generations of Christians have come through since then with the differences between Christians and Christ slowly growing larger and larger.
I'm normally long-winded, so I could easily keep going, but I'm pretty sure you get the drift of where I'm taking this. So let me just ask you this:
Is your pattern of actions based on what Christians would do, or what Christ would do?


Nate said...

I think you've made a very astute comment here. Who are we trying to imitate anyway? More of Jesus, less of an expectation to be lived up to.

Thanks for reading my blog.

flyawaynet said...

Hey Nate, noticed you and your dad both saw my post. Glad you liked it, and really appreciate a blog posting like yours that made me think! Thanks for stopping by!