Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A different question

I asked recently "How do I know you're saved?"

Today I want to know something else:

How does the WORLD know you're saved?


SLW said...

By our love one for another according to John 13:35.

flyawaynet said...

Looking at your own life, SLW, can you think of anyone that knew you were a Christian because of your love?

SLW said...

There have been a few people who have said something along that line. I think sometimes we try to do this Christian thing so individually, we miss out on what Jesus put us into community for. It's not our individual witness that is truly effective or convincing, it's how we treat each other in the family of God.

flyawaynet said...

So they'll know you're a Christian because of your love for Christians?

I guess I always just stop that verse at 'by our love' not just specifically for Christians.

Ok. So how do people in the world know that you love the Christians around you?
Though, you say it's not an individual thing but a community thing. Not just MY love, but OUR love.


One Sided said...

Like Doctors practice medicine; Christians must Practice being Christ like.
To say you love even to feel love is not the same as practicing love, kindness, justice, faith, perserverance, (I dislike this one) long suffering.
Now in answer to your question.
The world knows because I try to live the example I talk about to others.