Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why... (update)

This is just a second quick post about what I posted on earlier today concerning testing Gods promises. I thought it easily connected with my earlier questions - though it still doesn't answer 'why'.

I found a discussion in which a man named Conner mentioned a problem he'd faced recently.

Conner: "I did battle with sin recently and it was all about my trust in God. I was plagued for a time about losing my wife in childbirth. I discussed it with Troy, who challenged me by reminding me that this is when our faith is defined.
I was all ready to talk to the doctor, to gain some type of assurance that my wife is healthy and the risks are low, but then I realized that I don't want peace from that source. I want peace because of God's character. I want peace because of who God is, how much He loves me, and His perfect plan for my life."

I wonder if David struggled against trusting the official tally of numbers, rather than Gods simple promise?

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One Sided said...

You know he did.

The decission made from the struggle is the act of faith . . . .