Thursday, May 31, 2007

Getting serious.

It's absolutely exhilarating.

Though, I must admit it's not very girly. But I've always been too stubborn to fit into a dainty role anyway.

So what's so exhilarating? Working outdoors.
There's grit under my fingernails, my face is red, my hair has gone frizzy, and some sweat made it's way to sting my eye before I could reach an arm up to swipe my brow. And I'm as happy as can be.
There's just nothing quite like working outside. Rubbing blisters into your hands, bashing your finger with a hammer, getting sunburned and overheated, and tired.
Really tired.
You don't get that from an office job.
It takes 12 hrs of tedious labor to even begin to come close to the fulfillment that comes from just 30 minutes of strenuous labor. It's powerful. It's refreshing. It's wonderful. It's all too rare.

You would think, since I enjoy it so much, that after coming home from work I would immediately set out to accomplish one of the many physical tasks that I've just labeled as 'fulfilling'. But I don't. At least not as often as you'd imagine.
You see the tedious stuff is the worst kind of work. It's more weary-some than tiresome, and more draining than invigorating. Yet, even knowing that if I go home and take 30 minutes to set at one small chore outside, I'll feel a world better.... I still don't do it.
Why not?
Because being weary drains the desire right out of me.

I don't spent 30 minutes doing what invigorates me, because I've spent 9 hours doing things that don't. To me, that makes as much sense as being too thirsty to drink, too hungry to eat, too tired to sleep, too happy to smile. It's senseless.

And then, because I can twist almost anything into some strange spiritual lesson that - more than likely - only I understand, I realized I face the same problem spiritually.

I spend 24 hrs in the world, every single day. It's draining. This isn't the home I'd like to be living in. I'd rather live in a heavenly home. My neighbors aren't the people I'd rather be talking to, I'd rather be talking to Jesus. My radio isn't the music I'd rather be listening to, I'd rather be listening to heavenly choirs.
So, do I go to church as much as I possibly can? No.
Do I pray as much as I possibly can? No.
Do I read Gods word as much as I possibly can? No. I don't even read only Christian books as my library records can prove.

Why do we do this? If we, and by 'we' I mean everyone that professes to be Christians, long for Heaven and Christ so very much... why on earth do we not surround ourselves with as much Heaven on earth as we possibly can?
Tired of the worlds news and books? Read Heavens books.
Tired of the words music? Listen to Heavens songs.
Tired of the worlds standards? Hold Gods standards.

We don't though. I've ignored special revivals because I was 'busy', watched tv because I was tired or bored, and read insanely stupid articles about which celebrity is shaving their hair or fighting with another celebrity. All the while asking God for more of Him.
To be perfectly honest, I don't deserve more of Him. Granted, none of us do, but looking at my life, my habits, my passions, I almost believe that God should withhold himself until I learn to get serious.
Why He's given me this much, when I've done so little, is beyond me. But it does make me wonder....
If I've got this much, when I've been so foolish, and done so little...
Great God, what would happen if I got serious?


SLW said...

Would anything more happen? If grace is the underlying principle upon which God relates to humankind, why would we expect our efforts (works) to effect at all what God gives to us freely without merit? Just a thought.

flyawaynet said...

God is merciful, and full of grace, but when Christ walked the earth, the people that spent time in His presence, seeing all the miracles, having a daily relationship with Christ were the ones that phyically walked away from their fishing boats, their tax collector table, their families. Their heart made a decision, and the action followed it, and their lives were never the same because of it.

He could simply bestow on us an amazing relationship, faith, power, wisdom. But He is the Master that gives portions of talents to see what his servants will DO with them.
Those that handled their talents wisely, not only gained the interest earned off the talents they already had, but also received more from the Master.
But the servant that stuffed it under his mattress and watched MASH reruns all weekend didn't see any growth to the talents, and received a curse from the Master.

I believe my actions make a difference. But at the same time, I do not believe in works based salvation. It may be hard to explain, and look contradicting, but it's not.

One Sided said...

Note to SLW : Most of the work of works is to make a change in us. Sometimes it just happens to benefit others as well.

I am frequently asked why I enjoy yard work. You ahve covered most. But I discovered that it is great alone time. No one runs over to chat while you are cutting grass or pulling weeds, or well just about any of those needed daily task. But in addition to the feeling of accomplishment and the physical workout, it is the time to talk with God.
It also helps work out frustrations.

SLW said...

We do find God when we have searched for him with all our heart (Jeremiah 29:12-13). God works in us through the partnership of faith. It not so much the seriousness of our efforts (i.e. if I only prayed this much more often, or fasted this much longer, or studied this much deeper) as much as it is the trust and longing in our hearts (i.e. faith) when we reach out to Him. None of the famous examples of the godly in scripture were monks, but they all were examples of faith (Hebrews 11) who walked humbly with God (Micah 6:8). It's never about proving something to God in order to get more of Him; it's always about doing all that we do unto the glory of God, knowing He is always with us. What we do matters, who we do it with matters more. In the midst of it all, the God of all grace (1 Peter 5:10) makes us strong and steadfast.