Friday, May 25, 2007

I don't speak spanish.

God never answers prayers like I think He's going to. Even when He says yes, the answer doesn't seem to come out the way I expected.

Unfortunately, that generally makes it easier for me to dismiss events as coincidence and not Gods divine intervention.

I'm not going to do that this time.

Our church recently began a Spanish ministry. On Thursday nights a Spanish speaking gentleman and his bilingual wife lead a service in Spanish. I've tried to attend as much as possible though, I have to admit I often find I need to shake myself and refocus my attention since I tend to get lost in thought since I can't understand a word they're saying.

I accept the fact that I'm at a Spanish service, and so - not knowing Spanish - I won't understand what's going on. But for some reason, last night, I prayed that I would understand. I told God that it was possible for them to speak in Spanish and me hear them in English, and so I asked Him for just that. I didn't want to be confused, I didn't want to not understand what they said.

So the service began, and I was the only one there -besides the gentleman and his wife. I was it. So, instead of preaching as he normally would, the gentleman turned the service over to his wife who proceeded to preach/teach in both Spanish and English. She'd speak in Spanish, then immediately translate for my benefit. It wasn't the miracle I'd asked for, but it was the miracle I'd asked for. And yes, I mean the sentence to read that way.

God is good. He hears my prayers, and He cares. I got more out of that service, than I received out of any of their previous services. I also learned more Spanish in that service than I had learned in the previous services. God is kind.


Mark H said...

I love that!

flyawaynet said...

I love that too.