Thursday, August 02, 2007

He was there.

Nancy recommended this blog to me and scrolling through some of the most recent posts on the site I found this post.

You don't have to read the post if you don't want to. And I don't want to quote the whole thing here, but just to give you a frame of reference for what I do quote, she's talking about the emotions that take place after you see a world of pain and suffering.

And you find yourself in moments like this, and you don't have the carefully reasoned responses for the atheist, and you don't have the patience for Sunday morning Christianity, and you don't have any explanations or understanding or insight into any of it. All you know is that He was there, terrible and beautiful, and it's almost too much to take.

And you love Him so.

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Anonymous said...

i wonder at how those words can speak trough the experience and vibrate out to us and affect in such a way that we understand to a certain degree about suffering and the love of God. God's knowledge of suffering is more that we could ever take in and so is His Love. It makes me feel so small and weak, unworthy and thankful.