Friday, August 03, 2007

No post post.

I have nothing to say today. A surprise, I know.
I've read that real writers simply write. Just like any job sometimes the inspiration for the work isn't there but a writer just writes anyway. I've tried to follow that for the most part. Sometimes I really don't have a post for every single week day, but I post anyway. But today, it's just not there. Unless you call this post about not posting a post.

Anyway, since I don't have something of my own to share, I thought I'd share something I found.

Christianity today: A prayer before surgery.

A really interesting story worth a minute of your time.


Sista Cala said...

Beautiful. Thanks for the link. Reminds me of the scripture about...'a child shall lead them'.

Anonymous said...

it has been a day
and that was a bright spot

flyawaynet said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed it. I thought it was really good myself. I really expected the kid to offer a prayer for his surgery.

Anonymous said...

didn't you have another post...or am i starting to lose it...well, lose it more? i sure do get a lot out of your blogging. you are a good writer. hope it is going ok with the little one

flyawaynet said...

You're not losing it Nancy. I had posted, then deleted it. Something about the post felt wrong, I have no other words to describe it.