Monday, August 27, 2007


This G.D. Watson has a lot of good things to say.

Many Christians seem loaded with good fruits, but the fruit tastes green; it lacks flavor and October mellowness. There is a touch of vinegar in their sanctity. Their very purity has an icy coldness to it. Their testimonies are straight and definite, but they lack the melting quality. Their prayers are intelligent and strong and pointed, but they lack the heart-piercing pathos of the dying Jesus. The summer heat in them is lacking. They preach eloquently and explain with utmost nicety what is actual and original sin and what is pardon and purity, but they lack the burning flame, that interior furnace of throbbing love, that sighs and weeps and breaks down under the shivering heat of all-consuming love.


Anonymous said...

just a little more hanging on the vine! some of those blackberries are not ripe yet. :)

just kidding...
i want to look into his writings..they look awsome!

flyawaynet said...

I got this particular quote from his message on Tenderness. The whole article (again) was just amazing. I'm glad you're enjoying his writings too. I'm really glad I found this. Blog surfing really pays!