Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I didn't think to mention it.

I've said it to so many people. I even said it to my Pastor tonight. It was when I said it tonight that this idea hit me.

I've said it to friends after warm welcomes and fellowship. I've said it to hotel clerks and waitresses even though it's not the norm.

I've said it to my parents and family so many times.

But I've never said it to You Lord.

So I just wanted to tell You Father, Thank You for having me.

I've seen a lot of people that I would have chosen over myself if I were You. They're more patient, more kind, more successful in other things in life. It seems like they could have done so much more for You than I have. I just wiped a little girls snotty nose for You. Others would have done more. But You chose me. Thank You for having me.

I know other people more humble, more hungry for something to fill them. They would probably study Your Word more. Maybe spend more time in prayer. I haven't done enough God. But You knew what I would do before You ever chose me. And You chose me anyway. Thank You Father, for having me.
I'm so glad You called.

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