Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trust and Obey

Every once in a while something happens that makes you stop walking, stop talking, stop thinking and just sit.

It's in those moments that you make a conscious choice about trusting God.

Do I trust God or don't I?

And the simple truth is you can't force yourself not to worry and to trust God instead. Either you trust Him or you don't. You can try and try, and sometimes actually telling yourself you trust Him will garner a little bit more peace, but for the most part deciding to trust Him in a situation only works if you actually trust Him.

I know God is good, that He takes care of me, and that He has a plan for my life that exceeds my wildest hopes. He's been faithful to me in times when I would have kicked dirt in His beautiful face. He loves me. He won't hurt me. He plans good things for me. He will see me through things that I would consider bad.

To be honest, I'm a little excited about the change that's going to come into my life. It wasn't entirely unexpected, I just didn't know "when" it was going to happen. And then it did. I don't know how troubled the waters will get before He calms the storm, but I do know I recently prayed with everything that is in me that He would trouble the waters.

I'm excited to see what's on the other side of this ocean. By faith I stand assured, fully dependant on a Saviour who has promised me not that I wouldn't face a trial, but that He'd be there through it. There's an old song that always blessed me when I heard it. When you can't trace His hand, trust His heart.

I trust His heart towards me.


Anonymous said...

hi jeanette!
God bless you.

J. W. Poteet II said...

Wow. Maybe it wasn't completely unexpected, but it must still be quite a shock. But it's only when there's a storm that God can show you how to walk on water and show you how to calm the storm with just a few words. It's easy to say don't worry, it'll all work out when you're safely standing on the shore. But when the boat looks like it's about to sink, it's harder to see what exactly God has in mind. But we know that He does have something in mind. If you can figure out what you're supposed to learn from this, then the actual circumstances won't matter so much. And sometimes the lessons we're supposed to learn seem to have nothing to do with the problem. So, I'm not sure whether to say "My condolences" or "Congratulations!" they both seem somewhat appropriate.