Thursday, August 16, 2007

Something's gotta give.

My "what am I waiting for" post yesterday was only the tip of the iceburg.

There's just a burning hunger for something more than what I've got. So many things in the world would be different if people just like me all over the world didn't "settle" for being an average Christian. We're doing just enough to get into heaven.

I've been on this world 26 years, Lord willing I'll have 64 years more (maybe even longer!). I've only got 64 years? 64 years isn't very long... it isn't long enough. Heaven is eternity, forever, a lifetime of lifetimes. And I've only got 64 years to do something right here, right now, that could change heaven.

It's not about works. But it is about works. I can spent my 64 years resting happily in the Fathers arms simply praising Him, living my life and temporarily raising other peoples children and I will still get into heaven. I've found my 'big' thing. The calling on my life that God wants me to accomplish for this season. I've found it, and I'm doing it. I'm happy. But I want to scoop up all those little things. The popsicles handed out to neighborhood kids. The gift certificate I haven't had time/money to purchase for a faithful mailman named Dayton. The physical visits to the few people that enjoy people visiting their homes. The phone calls, the e-mails, the posts, the blogs. I want all those beautiful little things that seem to overwhelm me.

There's so much of life to give. I'm just too slow giving it out. I can't wait to see tomorrow. Something has to give.


Mark H said...

Just wanted to say : Y-E-S

Anonymous said...

something does have to give. and it will. you do now, today, what God wants for you to do. you can not see with your eyes what difference that is making to the whole extent..which may be years down the road or after your death before the fruit is seen. have faith in your God. now, i know that if everyone listened intently to God and obeyed, well the earth would be a wonderful place to live. but, as it is, we are not in control and we can not force others to listen and obey. we can do what God wants for us to do this day, love our God, and allow Him to give His Love through us. that may not seem like much to us, however, it is very powerful in the way that we can not see.

Anonymous said...

by the way, i see that God is working in you and changing you, He is always preparing you for His will, He will let you know what he wants you to do. just keep listening. God bless you in what He has for you.