Friday, August 10, 2007

Me aint to smart somtims

I've done it several times now. Found myself struggling with something, struggled along for a week, sometimes longer, then finally I sit down and blog about my struggle.
You, my compassionate and prayerful friends both known and unknown then prayed for me. You left comments saying you'd pray for me. And then you DID pray for me.

Since my little one arrived last Monday evening I had been struggling. Trying to figure out a balance. When I blogged I said I was "adjusting". You again said you'd pray for me, and then you did.

I remember thinking, just before I blogged "adjustments" that, it seems like every time I blog that I'm struggling with something I suddenly have a breakthrough of sorts right after and things get better/change. So I spent some time wondering if I am just not holding out long enough, before I go complain on my blog about my troubles.

That's when understanding finally dawned. If I never blogged some of the trials I faced I wouldn't be seeing such immediate changes take place. Some of you say you will pray, and then you do. And when you pray, my life changes.

Right after blogging about adjustments being needed that very evening things were changing all around me. In the craziest of ways. But just the very ways God knew I needed. My posts will continue to be regular M-F. God has been gracious and He's deeply embedded into my heart and life and now He's simply embedding Himself into my new routines. We've communed over suppertime as He taught me the small victory of getting this child to eat, we communed during what was almost a very problematic song service Thursday, and the communion during "Jesus loves me" each night is something I look forward to throughout the day.

God is gracious.

But He's been gracious to provide me with you. I've said it before and I'm sure you'll see me say it again, but I'll never understand why people read my blog. I expect myself to be interesting to ME, but not to you. But you come back, some of you every single day, and it amazes me. It also encourages me and challenges me to become better at what I'm doing.

But more than anything, I've realized He's given me you to pray for me sometimes when I've needed it most. If you've prayed for me, I assure you, you're a part of something that has changed my life forever. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your prayers. I just wish I knew who you were. Nothing I've written, will ever do as much for you as what your prayers have done for me.

Thank you.

And, I'm sorry I'm so slow to catch on.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you...and little "bundle".