Monday, August 20, 2007

Speaking Healing

I think it was Mark who originally got me thinking about the idea of speaking healing, rather than asking for it. I certainly understand very little about the gift of healing and how to operate in it and his posts on the issue were always fanning the flame of my excitement about healing.

He recently wrote
another post on speaking healing showing a clear example of how he was speaking it for an problem that he was dealing with. In that post he linked back to the original post on speaking healing that got me so excited.

This time I read through all the comments that have been posted there. It's plenty to get you excited if you're at all drawn toward the gift of healing.

I remember shortly after reading his first post on the subject and asking around about other peoples opinions. I was very clearly told by several people that God heals, and we simply ask Him to do it. To do anything else is to claim power for yourself that you don't have and try to take Gods place. I had several people tell me that exact thing and it stalled me. I quit digging so hard at the subject and let it settle for awhile.

In the comments that I read today from the original at Marks' site he used a terrific example and I wanted to show it. He said:

Let me ask an easy question that has challenging repercussions. Do we ask God to preach the message? Or do we do it? I guess we'd say something like: we do it, believing that He empowers it, and following His leading so that we are acting in His authority. So how about everything else that He's commissioned us to do?

I may not have changed my beliefs because of what the "ask God" people think. But I did use them as a reason to stop digging.
Let's say that stops today.


Brother Marty said...


I, too, am moved by Mark's insights into the realm of Christian healing. Only recently have I been thanking God for His healing...not asking...rather, thanking Him for what he does.

In a recent healing service we held there were 6 people who came for healing prayer. For the first time, I didn't ask, rather, I thanked God for healing. It was totally awesome. Two with cancer felt uplifted and reinvigorated, one with demonic voices found clarity of thought, and one with depression and fibromyalgia had relief. The Holy Spirit was indeed there, ministering to those who came.

There's a certain authority that comes with calling oneself a child of God. That authority can be dodged, or embraced. I'm finding that embracing is the better route.

I know from your previous posts that you seek this gift in your ministry. I say, make LOVE the primary center of your outreach...the love of Christ...and His presence will invade your circumstance. Love is the fundamental message of the Gospels, and true, Christ-like love, will bring about miracles of healing.

Preserver, dear sister in Christ...preserver!

flyawaynet said...

Thank you Bro. Marty. I remember in one of my first posts about healing, you commented then as well advising me then on the importance of love. I'm going to post again today on the subject because of something that happened yesterday. I hope to hear your views on it.