Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trust again

God is gracious. I just can't say it enough. He's been good to me.

There's always a temptation when something happens to focus on events and not how great God has been. Our praise stop short and our petitions (as Sister Cala I believe recently said in a comment) our petitions run long.

I'm happy. It's got to be the strangest thing to say if you knew my current situation - though maybe not ... I live in America, not only that I live in Texas. I'm so glad to live where I live. I'm grateful for freedom in Christ (and of religion) and my spiritual rebirth. It's easy to let the small things over shadow the big, but... God has been way bigger than anything I've ever faced. But He hasn't always overshadowed everything I've faced.

So far, He's overshadowed this. I know He's there. And it makes the new circumstance I'm in appear more to be a transition, rather than a problem. I'm excited about transition.

I was thinking yesterday about trust (as you might could tell from my post). And there's a team building game on trust where you fall back into the arms of the person behind you. I was thinking about that and how there are two different types of people. One stands there nervously trying to talk themselves into falling back, and the other seems to simply fall back with no hesitation.

Both may ultimately fall back, and technically I suppose that is the goal but the difference is actual trust. When you fall back through you're scared, you're building trust. When you fall back with confidence you're using trust.

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