Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ratings and writings


I posted today. You probably didn't see it. It was up and down within 1 hour. I was warned against saying the things I was saying. So I removed it. Simple as that. If someone cares enough about something to warn me, I care enough to take them seriously.

The whole thing though, reminded me of an inane little scan I subjected my blog to awhile back. Except back then I was talking a lot about dying to my flesh, and so I earned an "R" rating. Using words like "death" really seem to bump up your rating.

I don't know where to draw the lines on this. So if you feel the need to warn me concerning my actions, please feel free. Christianity is hardly rated "G". But more and more people that I know are reading this blog, possibly treading into waters they never imagined all because they know me and thus read my blog. I'm not sure how much protecting they need, or if the whole thing maybe should just be a matter of "there's a certain line that bloggers should never cross".

This blog is the most visible expression of my heart and soul that you will ever be able to find. If you met me, befriended me, and even made my acquaintance for 5 years, just one week of reading my blog would leave you wondering how well you really know me (I imagine).

It seems foolish thinking about it now. A person shouldn't be best known by their writing. Or should they?

I'm still around, still trying to figure things out, and still glad to be saved. Everything else is just corn.


Lindy said...

Speak Truth always, dear friend. A scan and a rating by God Himself is what matters. Speak what the Holy Spirit gives you to speak. You are a blessing and an inspiration in my life. How well do I know you after all these years? Guess I'll see one day but at that time, will it matter?

NaNcY said...

you are right...i missed the whole thing! i missed the one hour post. anyway...

now for the "i think"...

writing is a very good way to open up and process our thoughts. in turn it helps us get to know our selves better.

that's it for this visit
im goin to bed!

flyawaynet said...

Lindy, I can hardly believe I've known you 11 years. But then, I can hardly believe you've lived in NY and survived 11 years for me to know you. ;)

Thank you for reading my blog, calling and singing Jesus loves me, being the first to send a housewarming present, and remembering my birthday. Thank you for being a friend.

flyawaynet said...

Good morning Nancy. I hope you slept well.

Writing is a good way to get to know yourself better. I guess there is a danger though of crawling too deep inside your head and coming out a Hemmingway. Next thing you know I'll be writing crazy stories about old men in boats. ;) The good news is, it might very well make me famous. :)

SLW said...

Believe it or not, I saw that post. I was wondering what happened to it. When publishing on the internet, a word of caution is appropriate, especially when it comes to perceiving things in the spirit realm. Beside Christians who may or may not understand what you're talking about, employers, creditors, even CYS vetters have been known to google folk of interest to them.

Anyhow, nice to see you venturing out into the blogosphere again. Still praying for you.

flyawaynet said...

You sparked an interesting thought in me SLW.
In every war there are those that serve best by staying under the radar, appearing to follow normal lawful behavior, while under the cover of that subterfuge attempts to bring down the rule of the oppressors.
While there are others, who can't show their face in public because they would instantly be jailed/killed for their outspoken beliefs and attempts to overthrow the oppressors.

Our lives, our problems are on a much lesser scale. Minuscule is the word I would use.

But, should I be careful what views/what experiences I express on my blog so that my job, my ability to foster parent, will never be challenged?

Or should I be the rebel, expressing them regardless until the world finally deems me unfit?

What if I am declared unfit?

Again, the proportions of trial I've seen, compared to those in countries that allow far less freedom, they are laughable. I in no way mean to actually compare myself to them.

I'm just thinking out loud.

SLW said...

Certainly something to think about.

NaNcY said...

hum...could be, there are a few lines not to cross when blogging. though i did not come up with them. i suppose it could be fun to come up with a some.

NaNcY said...

also...what ever lines there are, i usually am not aware of them until i have crossed one...and then it seems that line moves around depending on whos line has been crossed.

flyawaynet said...

Sounds like a love line.

I read it somewhere, can't remember where, but they were talking about the choices you have of either being a stumbling block or a stepping stone. I can either trip someone one up, or help someone along the path.

The part that always arrests my attention is the fact that they never talk about what you're doing or attempting to do. It's just a cut dry case of what the results are in someone elses life. Did you help them or hinder them?
In my own self, I tend to bring it back to "Well, I hindered them but I was really trying to accomplish this wonderful thing!"

I get too caught up in myself to remember what the result is to you, is more important than my accomplishments.

I'm working on that Nancy. Thanks for leading me down this thought path.