Friday, September 07, 2007

This walk

This walk? THIS walk? This walk, I affectionately contend, is just plain crazy.


Anonymous said...

Your walk is not crazy, it is inspired and annointed by God. I am speaking to you now with all the love in my heart and with a voice that you have helped me to have. I hesitate to put my feelings out for the world to see but you are not alone. God has called you to a place where you have been a faithful spark and a constant pilot light.
You are going through a difficult time now, that would be hard for anyone under any circumstances.
Like it was said before, and didn't sound profound just a few weeks ago---but in order for things to change, they cannot remain the same. I don't know what all God has for you, but if you EVER feel that he is leading you in a different direction from our little church---which I cannot imagine without you--we will support you 100%--something which I have fallen so short of in the last year. I have so much to learn, but have learned so much from you---someone that is younger than my daughters.
I love our little church family, but also long for things to grow, change---but I am torn as well with situations in my family, full time job etc. You have been hit with many things within the last month, plus an overload of your daily schedule. When we start to wear our self down physically, it will start to show spiritually----my family is a prime example of that.
I guess you could call me the Main Dog that you have been singing with , but we all love you and whoever reads this comment-- I want you to know that you have never heard a more beautiful song that closed our little service the other night. Follow me to the Cross. I'm sure that is not the title, but that is the part that I remember. God has not left our church, and his blessings are still there!! I don't know if this comment will make sense to anyone but you Jeanette, but don't get discouraged, because God lead you to where you are now, and he is not going to leave you hanging. He always answers our prayers, except sometimes he says yes, no, or not now. The "not now" and waiting for the answer to come is sometimes the hardest.
Just remember we are praying and we hurt when you hurt.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that the beautiful closing song "follow me to the cross " was sung by our annointed piano player Jeanette.


Anonymous said...

this is a post that i found very uplifting this morning.

with Love

Anonymous said...

p.s. yes your walk is crazy...crazy wonderful! :-)

flyawaynet said...

Ms. Layvon, what I failed to tell you before was that that beautiful song was written by my brother. The very person I ranted about a post or so ago.

Consume me with Your fire
Burn away, all sin and dross
This is my desire
To follow You to the cross.
Make me more like You Lord
In every thing I do.
Cleanse me by Your Word
I want to be just like You.

words and melody by J.W. Poteet II

Thank you for your words and reassurance. The biggest thing you've said that was pinpoint accurate was that when we wear ourselves down physically, it will show spiritually. That is exactly what I've done.
And I'm about to make it worse.
Good thing God doesn't choose us because of our intellect. :)

flyawaynet said...

Nancy, I went to that blog, and you are absolutely right. THanks for linking me that way.
I'm pleased to be an unknown disciple - God help me STAY that way!!!

This post about my crazy walk was written around a laugh as I thought of the past year. There should be laws about how much a person can do in one years time. And yet I just keep wading in deeper and finding something else to get into.

Thank goodness Gods walking with me or I would have spiraled into pure battiness by now. It's not that far a jump from here as it is!

flyawaynet said...

Oh, and Ms. Layvon I don't know whether you mentioned me leaving the church because you thought of it yourself, or because of what I said in a previous comment about me losing my church. But either way, I have no plans to leave, and God isn't leading me away. I'm happy there, love it there, and love the people there. We ARE going to grow, evolve and change. It's only a matter of time and God. The only way I'll be leaving is when I'm asked to leave... probably because one day I'm going to make the mistake of getting excited and then opening my mouth! God certainly knew what He was talking about when He said our tongues were dangerous!