Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another month, another chapter.

I want to remind you all of the e-book that's being written right now.

"Hey there's water in my cup!" is still being written and it's only waiting on you. I know for a fact that a large majority of the numbers passing through my blog are writers, speakers, and bloggers. This is your chance to add to the words of inspiration in the world.

The site is a small project right now, but only God can see the true potential it has.

We're currently on Chapter 3, titled "Should my water be hotter?"

This is my own writing for the book, and I hope you'll head over and add your own.

Should my water be hotter? I don't know. To be honest I'm afraid of hot water. If I'm not careful, the bathwater is too hot and could hurt my little girl. Hot water burns, it scalds, and can burn through pot holders and gloves. Hot water comes with warning labels.
I've noticed though when I'm doing dishes, or washing something and trying to get stains out, that the hotter the water is the easier it is to clean something. Grease seems to vanish away, hard dried on food bits under the hot splash of water seems to almost instantly soften. Stains I haven't been able to get out of clothes, come out with hot water and soap. Hot water hurts though.
The water in my cup though, is much the same. When I get too hot even though it can be cleansing it still can hurt and burn depending on the surface I splash onto. Too often I've been so determined to get the stains out of some people, that I've missed the fact that I'm hurting them. Skin is blistering and turning red, and they're so busy trying to protect themselves from my cleaning them up, that we both end up with burns.
I've learned to be afraid of hot water. I'm nervous when your hot water comes too close to me, and even more nervous when I feel my water coming to a boil, even if it's with passionate zeal and excitement. I don't want anyone to get burned. But I hate the idea of turning the fire down. Maybe I should just focus on getting the water as hot as I can stand.

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