Saturday, October 27, 2007

A new definition of patience.

Patience is...

...not crying while you wait.

I explained this new meaning of patience to Little One this afternoon as she sat dolefully looking at a can of soda that she was going to have to wait a bit for.
Do you have any definitons of your own to share?

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One Sided said...

My granddaughter asked her mom the "Are we there yet?" question when they came down to visit thsi weekend. And expresses her exhasperation that it took longer to get to Grammie's than it did to get to Grandam Fran's house. TO which my daughter replied that she had been trying to convience us to move to Oklahoma bet we have nto done so. And my Grand Daughter replied, not just to Oklahoma but across the street, so I can ride my bike, "I can;t be riding my bike for housrs to come visit her."