Monday, October 01, 2007

As sands of times through the hourglass

We've survived the week intact.

There was a chance that my little one might leave last week. There was a court hearing, and often things go as quickly as the biological parents picking the child up from daycare and some caseworker ordering you to have their clothes and personal items ready by 5pm.
We survived the day of the hearing at least, and we're still together. It's both good news (to me) and bad news. This little one loves her mommy very much. There's a strong prayer battle being waged for her whole family. Regardless of what happens, I just hope my little one comes out on a winning side.

In other news, this jobless bum actually turned down a job. I can't remember the last time I went back and forth on a decision so much. Ultimately, sometime around midnight, I decided to go biblical and reminded God that casting lots was once considered a valid thing to do.
I flipped a coin.
It came up tails 4 times.

So I'm back to job hunting. And I'm ok with that.


Anonymous said...

good post title!
i can hear that voice from when my mom us to watch that soap opera.

this foster parent business is pretty hard on the heart.

flyawaynet said...

A woman in a forum I read on foster care once responded to someone saying they would be devastated to lose their foster child:

"Ask anybody who has been through it, and they'll tell you that it *is* devastating. But you do recover, and you'll be okay.

That's the difference between us and the kids, and the reason why many of us who do fost/adopt do it. We know that we, as adults, can have our hearts broken and recover. But little kids who lose families again and again if they have to drift through foster care don't recover. They stay broken emotionally for their whole lives. So we take the risk of heartache so that the kids don't have to.

I'm not Christian, but it seems to me that this is the thing at the heart of "Christ-like" behavior: taking on somebody else's pain so they don't have to suffer."

I thought that was great especially since it was coming from a non-christian.

Anonymous said...

that was good to read.