Monday, July 14, 2008

All shook up

Last week, I found myself battling ants. No matter how much I sprayed, or kept the counter clean, they never really seemed to be gone. One time, I was pretty sure everything was clean and ant free and I set a bowl on the counter, and in a matter of 30 seconds I watched 3 ants come out to inspect the new arrival.
I kept looking at my bottle of ant killer wondering why it wasn't doing it's job. Then I went around googling better ant resolutions.
But then Sunday, I stopped and I read the bottle of ant spray.
In small print, on the back side it said "Shake well".

Rats. I guess I had missed that part.

So, I shook it all up and then sprayed my counters down. It's been two full days without ants now even though there's a Dr Pepper cup in the sink.
I don't know anything about chemicals, but I assume that naturally the ingredients in the bottle separate and that separately they don't do much. But when combined (by my vigorous shaking) they become something that actually has an effect, something that can stop ants in their tracks.

The very idea made me wonder... - besides wondering at my own sanity for comparing God to ant spray - what if I only work when I'm all shook up?
Those days, moments, or hours when life seems all shook up, or your emotions get all shook up, or your spirit finally gets all shook up, that's when it's not just you and God, but you with God.
Maybe I spend my days spewing out a little bit of me and a little bit of God, but not a powerful combo of me and God.

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interesting thought