Sunday, July 06, 2008

A prayer answered.

I prayed this afternoon. For the first time, in quite awhile - my prayer was about something besides "woe is me".
I prayed for my church, I prayed that we could see lives changed, that we would come expecting something from God, looking and expecting to see God do something as opposed to sitting down and doing the same service we did last Sunday night, or the 1800000 Sunday nights before.
I prayed for a specific man in our church that just returned from having left. I earnestly prayed that he would see a breakthrough and that any enemy that might be around to remind him of his sins or hold him back, or shove his addictions back in his face would be banished. I prayed he'd see freedom, that he could somehow become what it is God has planned for him if he can ever find the freedom he's fighting for.

Then I went to church.

And the entire routine of the service was changed, as that one man stood up and said God was calling him to rededicate his life and he wanted to - right now.
The service never went back exactly into it's routine. I ended up playing the piano to our Pastor reading Psalms, throughout the entire service.

So, today, I can say my prayers were answered.

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