Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunday mornings needs.

Funny how timing works sometimes.

I knew if I went to church, I needed someone to watch Bella.
I also knew there wasn't anyone in the church that could.
So, I talked to a co-worker that lives down the road from me and asked rather vaguely if one of her daughters might be interested in coming to church with me to watch Bell.
She said she'd find out and get back with me, and I reminded her that it probably wouldn't be this week, but next week because I didn't think we'd make it.

After a surprisingly wonderful morning and afternoon (she hasn't cried yet, seriously... a miracle has occurred) I decided to go ahead with church.

Then, I wondered what I'd do for childcare, and I thought about calling my co-worker again, or another babysitter that I know, and finally sat back.

I'm reading a book right now called Grace Walk, (thanks to Nancy for the referral to it) and in it, the author talks about how we get so busy 'doing' Gods work, rather than letting Him do it. And he referenced Abram and Sarai and their usage of Hagar to accomplish Gods will.
And I decided to stop thinking about Sunday, but wait and see what God did. God knows I need someone to watch her. I need to see what God is going to do.

Then, just a moment ago, my co-worker and her daughter walked down to my house to see what time the daughter should be ready tomorrow. Apparently the daughter has done this at other churches she attended, and is just a sweetheart all the way around. She's happy to do this, and more than willing, and this is interrupting her going to church with her boyfriend. I'm proud to know her, and I hope I get to know her better.

So, one moment at a time.

Thanks for praying once again. This has been a day from Heaven. Bell hasn't cried today at all except for a brief moment at naptime and then she laid quietly until she fell asleep. Daycare reports that she just screams and hardly naps at all (10 minutes was all they got on Friday they said). So this, is simply awesome. It's a great day.

Thank you Lord, for what You've accomplished in us today. Thank You for helping me to let go of the burden of tomorrows needs and trust You for provision. Help me to trust You for that provision all the way through this placement, and for each need she has. Thank You for so profoundly quelling my medical worries for Bell.
Please keep working in and through me Father. I don't want to be what I am, but what You are. And You're the only one that can accomplish that.

Remind me of the things I obsess about so, and speak Your lessons to me when I'm not sure what to do. Most of all, help me realize what I shouldn't be doing. Please keep working in me.

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Anonymous said...

i am glad to hear that you are reading the book, i am still reading it too. i think that it is really good.

Love to you,
and little bell

and Amen to your prayer.