Friday, July 18, 2008

A little more credit

So, today Bell and I found ourselves taking a 45 minute drive to a neighboring city to pick something up. We spent, probably 35 minutes of it screaming.
Finally things calmed down and we ended up at Long John Silvers.
Sitting across from me, this crazy little angel and I shrugged our shoulders at each other until she laughed at me.
And then she did something she hasn't done without me seriously working for every bit of it...
She looked at me and just grinned.

Maybe it's the stress of the last week, maybe it's hormones, but I stared at her a moment, then two seconds later I was grabbing a napkin apparently trying to pretend that somehow I'd gotten food crumbs near my eyes.
I wasn't even paying attention to the music playing in the background of the restaurant, but then some words just caught my attention "You're beautiful baby from the outside in". And i agreed
It's from the Tim McGraw song "My Little Girl" (click the title if you want to see the video of it).

She still screamed a lot, but she fell asleep on the way back home and even though she woke up when we got home, she went to bed without tears.

Read that again:

My little screamer, went to bed tonight without tears.

I can explain it away with reasoning, but I choose to believe this was Gods prompt assistance in answer to prayer. He's not going to hand me a problem free, easy child that changes her own diapers and picks up after herself, and somehow never misses her family.
But He sure can help.
Thanks SLW and Nancy, for praying.
Some people have the saying "if momma ain't happy"... but in this house right now, "If Bella ain't happy, ain't nooooobody happy."
She'll get there. I cannot imagine how I would have reacted if thrown into this situation at 2 yrs old.... I can't imagine how I'd feel at 27 if someone took me out of my house and forced me to live with them and follow a brand new routine, strange daycare, and different foods than what I'm used to. Sure as the world I'd get some vegetarian household and I'd die of starvation, screaming, while the family looked on pulling their hair out wondering how to fix me.

She's doing great... and I really wish you could have seen that grin. I wish all the people that have listened to her screams could have seen that grin. It's the kind that just makes you stop and sigh and that hope surges within you that everything is going to be ok.
It was beautiful, heartwarming, and a relief.

If anyone happens to stop in over the weekend, please keep Sunday especially in prayer. At this point I still can't imagine trying to do church with her. Yet my absence, since I play the piano, makes a huge impact on the whole congregation.

Help God. Please keep doing this in us.


Anonymous said...

...where credit is due :-)
i love that.

lots of Love to you and little bell.

prayer for Sunday gathering.
let her cry, everyone will have something new to listen to.
shruggggg shoulders :-) might be a blessing.
i really like this sharing about the grin.
the amazing little grin.

Anonymous said...

i love how God is speaking into your life, and how you are able to share this here.