Friday, January 09, 2009

Abusing my blog...

I'm abusing my own blog by posting this since this isn't what my blog is for but...

I may make a truly insane decision this weekend.

Pray wisdom. Please.


Anonymous said...

what do you mean?

was there some abuse?

flyawaynet said...

I'll redo the post - I can see how it wasn't clear!
I meant I'M abusing my blog by coming on and saying nothing but HEY, pray for ME!
You ddon't come here to read prayer requests, and I don't blog to have people pray... but every once in awhile a situation shows itself and I use my blog for purposes it was not intended for.

Ed G. said...

Sometimes the Lord speaks in thunder, sometimes through a whisper. Most of the time, I think, he is speaking and I am just not hearing. So my prayer this morning is that the Lord speaks to you in a way - no matter what situation you are in - where you can discern his voice. Peace.

Anonymous said...

not abuse at all in my opinion.

i think it is a very good use of blogs to communicate a desire for prayer.

God is with you and so is the body through Holy Spirit that flows through all of us in Jesus.

yea! wooohooo! God rules!