Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Moving bad parts around.

I began to see my wobbly tires as an analogy the other night as I posted my interesting mechanic fixing my front end problem by putting my worst tires on said front end. *I'm still scratching my head over the justification*
But I didn't have time to think it out right then. That didn't mean I forgot about it though.

I didn't know my back tires were bad.

I knew they were older than my front ones and that's about where my consideration of those tires stopped. But, seeing as someone moved those awful things to the front of my car - I had no choice but to notice them.

While my car is dirty, both inside and out I sincerely make an effort on general maintenance things that will help my car along. But I just never noticed those tires until they became a vital tool in my steering abilities.

And I was wondering how that applies to spiritual life..

And it seemed to connect to how you don't realize your weak areas until you're tested.
So I began to consider if the colossal mess of this last year are the signs that those parts of my life that I've shoved to the back and didn't realize were not stable and worn, suddenly took the drivers seat of my life and my life wobbled scarily out of control.

It's just a theory. Just a thought out loud.

Lesson to learn from that, is that while I might not notice the wobble if I had shoved the tires back to the rear again - eventually one of them would have gone flat if not split apart entirely.

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