Friday, January 09, 2009

Continuing the dream discussion

Wow.. I wish I had more time to comment on my OWN blog during the day!
I've really enjoyed reading this discussion between you two.

ED, I liked your statement "lately i see myself driven not by goals or ambitions but an understanding that God can do extraordinary things with ordinary people if we only turn ourselves over to him."

Then I went to SLW's comment "it's not wrong to have desires or goals per se, often what are promoted as such are ego driven, greed driven, or driven by some other orientation that smacks of a love for this world and the things that are in it."

And again, I'm drawn to the idea that there are some goals that are NOT driven by greed, ego, or love for the world. I truly believe that there are some ideas that are passionately driven by a love for the people in the world.

Could... maybe.. the problem be that we are calling our calling - a dream? God calls us to accomplish certain works on this earth, do certain things, and we're too afraid to do it so it then becomes classified as a 'dream'?

What do you think of that possibility?

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Anonymous said...

i am not sure how to answer this one. but, i think that maybe to pray for God to guide in His will, and then after prayer one could check with scripture. then there is always talking to other believers about it. but, i wonder, sometimes dreams are something that is farther into the future, and some dreams are for right away.

a lot of things that God has planed would seem really big to us and some things would seem like ordinary everyday and maybe even boring to us.

now to discern between the our dreams and the messages from God.
that can get tricky, maybe some of those plans from God are also things that we would want to do, things that we have been prepared for, even made for. so a plan of God can be hard or easy, painfull or joyous, a moment or years in the doing.

it is true, one must look to God, keep the eyes on Jesus, listen to the Holy Spirit, read the word, be alert. and ask, "am i doing this in the Love of God?".

God is bigger than all of our thoughts and our own dreams. i will never argue with that.

sometimes we are given big dreams and that is good, and sometimes we are given small dreams. but i think it is good to talk to others about the dreams. we can share the dreams with eachother. that is what brothers and sisters are for.