Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why you won't see much on here in the next few weeks

Cuz I'm going to be workin'.

I start my new job with the city tomorrow. woohoo, right?

In the last three months people seem united in their message of "You're not irreplacable".
I've heard it everywhere I go, concerning everything I do. But while I do understand that I'm not irreplacable, I do feel profoundly.. perhaps obsessively responsible.
That's why I pushed my boss to allow me to stay part time at my old job until my replacement starts *hopefully* the first of Feb.

So till the end of the month I'll be at work at 8am, and get home from work about 10pm.
It's gonna be an exciting month!

So, if anybody in the area wants to buy me a Dr Pepper, you just feel free. :)

But that's why the sudden onslaught of posts in this blog are suddenly going to come to a grinding halt.

Thank you all for your discussion.. it was just getting good and here I have to get busy for awhile. I certainly hope it'll pick up as soon as I can get back to normal.

Thank you!


nAncY said...

hang in there!

flyawaynet said...

Thanks Nancy. I'm actually really looking forward to it.
Dreading what my house will look like after 3 weeks of no attention.. but... I'll know that I left my work in the best shape I possibly could. And that's going to feel great.