Sunday, January 18, 2009

God's been good to me.

God's been good to me.

I found myself reminded today of how God is kind to the unthankful and the evil. I was following verses around, and ended up there and those words meant something to me. Because I always put those verses in the context of the verses before them. Are you good to those who are good to you only? Do you lend to only those that you know will return? Do you love only those that you know will love you back?

Those are my action verses. They tell me how to live, how to be, how to treat others. How to be more like Christ.

And in them, I think about the world. How I treat the world.
So in the next verse, I commonly consider how God treats the world. "...For He is kind unto the unthankful and the evil."

And today, I realized it's talking about how He treats ME too.
I'm unthankful, and evil fleshly far too often.
But He's kind to me even when I'm unthankful and evil.


It's easy to think "I'm saved, I'm a Christian, I go to church and do nice things sometimes so God must like me."

But you forget, this is the God that's with you, around you, in you, every waking moment. That's why people are so hard on themselves, because other people rarely see the deepest darkest nasty moments in our lives. The thoughts, the impulses, the sinful things we consider, or worse yet, do in secret. We know who we are. That's why we're so hard on ourselves. But our great God knows who we are too, and not only loves us, but He's kind to us in our worst moments.

God's been good to me.
Cause I sure have had a lot of "worst moments".

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Anonymous said...

oh yes, God is Good to me too.