Monday, January 05, 2009

Stupid solutions for serious problems

*My car is still a great car, I just saw this photo and it seemed appropriate. :) *

Where most handy work is concerned, I admit without a moments reservation that I am beyond uneducated.

But even I recognize stupid when I see it.

I returned my car to the shop from whence it just recently came from, and said quite certainly "I don't know what's wrong, but I know there's something wrong."

They'd just finished replacing my half shafts. And I knew it was making some very unhappy noises as it drove down the road still. So, asking God humbly to not let my wheel fall off, I took it back to the shop.
Cutting out a lot of the middle story, this reputable shop took the new tires off my bad front end and replaced them with the bad tires from the back.
So now, I have a bad front end, and because I have a horrible pair of tires on the front end now, my steering wheel shakes uncontrollably and I wobble fiercely down the road.

I can't tell you how pleased I am.

And as I considered this unhappy turn of events, I realized how often I've done that in my life. I felt I needed to "do" something. Even if it wasn't the right choice for the time, action felt ridiculously necessary, and inaction felt anxiously difficult.
But ultimately, while they may have felt worthwhile moving bad tires, into a bad situation, all it did was worsen the situation.

The next time I feel too anxious to wait on God for His moving, I'll have to remember how displeased and annoyed I was that someone else had taken what was mine, and foolishly made what I was working on fixing - worse.
Because in those times when I'm suppose to be inactive, God never is. And I'm not my own. I'm His. And He is most definitely trying to fix me, if I'd just keep my busy little hands out of His way and let Him work.

Tomorrow, I'll take my car where I should have taken it in the first place.
What will you do?


Anonymous said...

i think i will be going to the mall to return a gift, that doesn't fit, that my sister-in-law gave to my daughter.


flyawaynet said...

Returning something at the mall won't take long. You could make one of your pies, and send it over to Texas! Sounds like a plan to me. :)