Friday, January 09, 2009

Local stuff...

Just a quick thing for the folks around this area that read the blog.

The kids at the Gainesville State School, a prison facility for youth, have a basketball team. When they go out to play with other schools, there are no parents sitting in the stands cheering them on, no friends and buddies and going out for pizza after the game. You play your game, listening to the crowd cheer the other team, then get handcuffed and go home.

I've been trying to attend their games just because I'm a professional woohoo'er who loves these dorky looking criminals. Home games are free to attend - no cost.

They're playing tonight (Friday 1/9/09) at the Gainesville High School. If you at all would like to attend and cheer the kids on, leave a comment or e-mail me at flyawaynet at hotmail dot com and I'll be happy to get you directions. It starts at 6pm.

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