Thursday, January 29, 2009

The God of the Main Thing

As I as thinking all these thoughts today (I'm writing this late on Wednesday early Thursday morning), I started thinking about the God of the "main thing".

He's a God that wants me to keep Him, and His reasons for doing things front and center, not just because it's the best plan for whoever's life I'm stepping into, but because it's better for me as well.

We put so much on our plates, on our hearts, on our shoulders that He desires us to allow Him to carry. But He's the God who loves us, infinitely more than we can imagine, while we're being take-charge morons.

He knows we just don't get it, or that we struggle to actually let go of our own 'necessity' to those around us. He knows we might get it, but can't stand to say "No, I'm afraid I can't do that." Or maybe we just can't abide the whole "wait" orders He might be passing down. Waiting is not my strongest point when someone is saying "Help".

It's amazing, really really amazing to imagine the world where the ax isn't waiting to fall on you. Where the angry God isn't waiting to rain something down because, yet again, some doof down here is flubbing things up. But instead, the good God is urging me out of the way because He knows what is too heavy for my shoulders. He's good. And perhaps the most profound thing I could say concerning Him, is that He's there.

And maybe if we all understood the there aspect of God, realized that for all of those awful moments, for all those fears, for all those struggling people, for all the lies and hurts and questions God is there maybe we wouldn't feel we had to be there for someone quite to the extent that we often do.

He's there for me when I'm trying to take His place in a situation because I can't see Him in the mess. He's there for you, when you're in the middle of your mess and too many 'comforters' are making things worse. He's also there when all your comforters have gone home and it's finally just you and Him.

He's G o d. And that very word means He's big enough. And that means He's not just big enough for me, it means I believe He's big enough for you too. And that's why I'll be beside you, walking with you, rather than in front of you telling you what I think you need to hear.
Which is why you might just see something amazing.

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