Saturday, April 25, 2009

40 days of faith is over.

As you can see, this morning at 8am no post appeared.

I'm no longer obligating myself to the very tiresome requirement of a post every single day. Honestly, some days you're just not inspired. :)

But though 40 days of faith is over, a life of faith is still being lived out.

I won't be posting every day about it, but in the sudden silence of the evening I just can't help but stop and think out loud about the day.

It was peaceful. It was exhausting. My body already aches and it's not even the next day yet.
But, it's one of those days that in the quiet of the evening my heart just can't help but swell with ... well, I don't even know, maybe it's something as simple as contentment.

God is good. And, just like I said during 40DOF, it's important to remember that during the good times not just seek Him during the bad. He's my great big every day God.

There's a lot of work to be done to get my house back in order, so I might not be posting much this week. It's time for a mental rest anyway.
I appreciate you all for reading. Even when I'm not worth reading. :)

Be blessed.

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