Monday, April 13, 2009

A vision - Rivers of living water.

I'm interrupting 40 days of faith again. Something happened tonight and I want to type it out if for no other reason than so I won't lose it. I'm desperately afraid that I'll go to sleep and in the exhaustion of the next few days forget some of the finer points of what I saw.

Tonight, I wrote a post in which I mentioned my eyes watering. You won't be seeing it until Wednesday I believe. But then I went to bed, and I was lying there, listening with annoyance to a bug crawl across some papers somewhere in the room.

I closed my eyes, and I saw as clear as a person could see, water. The water came chest high on me in the room, and for some reason I bent down to pull some kind of plug to release the water. I then realized that it was futile to drain the water in that way, because the water wasn't just in the room, it was all over the area. From inside to outside the house. And that's when I discovered that the water was coming from my eyes. Not tears, but thick streams flowing from my eyes filling the room.

I opened my eyes and the image was gone, then as I was trying to figure out what on earth it could possibly mean the phrase came into my mind "rivers of living water".

None of it makes sense at this point. And it could easily very well be that I'm working a lot and sleeping less. But this one felt like the other few times, so real and so wide awake.

If anyone has any insight, please share it. Or at the least, pray that I'll gain insight.


Anonymous said...

i don't know...

flyawaynet said...

I don't know either Nancy. Thanks though.