Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 40 - Faith to need Him.

A friend of mine one time mentioned how independent she was and from what part of the conversation that really stuck with me, she was saying that she chose to get married because she wanted her husband. She was independent. She didn't need her husband, but she loved him and so she wanted him.

I could have totally misunderstood the conversation, it's a few years old as it is, but for some reason that comment always stuck with me.

It's ok for God to want us, but not need us.
God doesn't need anything. Or anyone.
He wanted us though.

It's nice to be chosen.

But, thinking about that, I realize how often I act like I'm that way with God.
I don't "need" Him, I just want Him. "Oh I love God so much, He's so good and trustworthy, I want Him in my life."


I need Him.

I'm dead for a lifetime without Him.
I'm LOST for eternity without Him.

He's not some "good man" or a "good idea" or a pleasant thing to do on Sunday mornings to really stabilize your family's synergy.


Do I GET that? Do you get that? Do any of us really get that?

Whatever that pit is that we've crawled out of, we could be right back in it without Him. Addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography, or gambling. Struggling with anger issues, physically abusive, hurting your wife, your kids, your husband. Depressed, suicidal, cutting on ourselves to control our own pain. Unable to hold a job because you can't accept the authority of your boss because you "know he's stupid". Yeah. You. Yeah. Me. Yeah all of us.

Some people, just don't realize what a debt they owe.

But realize, this isn't luxury item credit card debt we're talking about. I didn't just frivolously charge my salvation when I could have saved up for it.
I was dead. Not dying - dead.

Thing is, that word "need" makes us vulnerable. When we do without a "need" we typically die. But when missing a "need" item in life, I guarantee you there is something in you that becomes desperate. It searches for it's need EVERYWHERE. It seeks it, and often finds fakes in it's search, which leaves you unsatisfied even when you think you've met that need.

You need Him. I need Him.

It doesn't take faith to say that. Anyone will say it almost. At least in the Christian circles.

But it takes faith to act like it.

The world will be changed when we act it.

The world will be awed when we act like we need Jesus more than we need the world.

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