Thursday, April 09, 2009

Day 25 - Faith as faith, not a science

Today - someone elses words on faith.

Matthew Paul Turner over at "Jesus Needs New PR" wrote a post concerning the year anniversary of the birth/life/death of a baby I have known only through the blogosphere. Audrey Caroline.


But that's faith. For a long time, I didn't think that doubt and uncertainty had any place within a person's pursuit of faith.

I was wrong. Immature. Misguided.

I'm not sure that faith can truly exist without doubt. Doubt is what makes it faith and not science.

Faith was never meant to be perfect or explained away with a sermon series.

So today, one year after losing little Audrey, I resist my temptation to make faith into something that fits on a page or blog or in a book. I refuse to allow one question destroy it. But too, I won't let the fear of asking that question define it either.

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Anonymous said...

i went there and read it...
good words.