Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 39 - Faith to worship with everything that's in you.

There are times, when the spirit of God is moving so wonderfully in a service that all you can do is worship. (And by worship, I don't necessarily mean "sing") Worship takes many forms. Maybe you'll sing a hymn to yourself, maybe you'll sing it out loud where others can follow, maybe you'll just raise your hands and enjoy the beautiful presence of God, maybe you'll lie prostrate on the floor and simply bask in his presence with a heart overflowing and love and joy at His grace.


In my last post I talked about how we need to talk - but sometimes, there's an overwhelming need to just shut up. Let us, quit doing what we do so well. Let us quit using our eloquent church words and simply bask in the presence of God.

Here's why I say it takes faith.

Because when you're in those beautiful situations.. there's always at least 1/3rd, (or even more) who are standing around shuffling their feet and they just aren't getting it. They're the ones still sitting right behind you, or worse - beside you and you're prolonging the awkward moment for them with your hand raising and your weeping.

But here's what I'm ready for. I'm ready for worship. I'm ready to begin coming to my home and worshipping, daily. I'm ready to begin coming to church having already spent such time worshipping God that it's just an extension of my worship to do it corporately. And I'm ready to be nervous as all get out that I'm annoying the daylights out of those that didn't come having already begun their worship.

Worship, worship makes you look stupid sometimes. It leaves you wiping the dirty feet with your hair while people look on and frown. But I'm wondering... when is the last time I've been frowned at for worshipping my Jesus too mightily? When is the last time I laid on the floor, clutching His hand and thanking Him so fervently that I can hardly breathe. When?

I remember the last time well. Those times, have always become profound memories. I can tell you how I felt a hand on my head, when suddenly I heard a ripping noise from my back door and I became too frightened to continue. I can tell you about the last time. Because the last time I did it, Jesus touched me. And when Jesus touches you, it's memorable. It changes you. On that particular night, I cannot express the sensations of love I felt radiating towards me from the Father.

I'm ready to do that again. Because it's life changing. But the hardest part for me, period, is when I feel as though my worship is interrupting peoples regularly scheduled program, or to pull back so my worshipping Jesus won't distract anyone. So my next move is going to take faith. I can see it.

Because here's how the prostitute saw it: "You go ahead with your meal, I'm just going to wash His feet down here, don't mind me." (Luke 7:36-50)

Father, help me to be more like the prostitute.

Because you know how JESUS saw it?

And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace. Luke 7:50

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