Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 30 - Faith for a lifestyle of small things.

Someone today did something so very profound and touching, that it was as though they had done something huge and wonderful.
When in reality, it was so small, and so insignificant to them, that if I asked them even now if they remembered the action they wouldn't have even realized they'd done it.

Even if I reminded them of it, described the event, they wouldn't have a clue.

I'm sitting here, smiling slightly, and thinking of how special it would be to be able to give a gift like that without even realizing it. And as I thought about it, all I could think about was how important it is to have the small things in your life. All over your life.

It's easy to imagine that your life doesn't mean anything to anyone. To imagine that your actions don't make a difference to anyone or any situation.

That's why it takes faith to act on the faith that your actions make a difference. The small ones. The impossibly small moments where you speak a word of encouragement, or offer someone 5 minutes of focused attention ignoring the phone. Maybe it's the matter of walking across the room to speak to someone you wouldn't normally speak to, just to greet them and ask how they're doing.

Sometimes not only is it easy to imagine that your actions don't make a difference - it's easier to hope that your actions don't make a difference. But they do.

You, you have the opportunity to make someone feel loved. To make them feel special, to make them feel thought of. You have the opportunity to make someone believe that someone out there cares if they live or die. You have opportunities. You can give someone hope, encouragement, faith, and support. You do it with big things, but more than anything you do it in the every day small things.

I've always liked this song "History Maker" because I love the big things. I LOVE the big things. And this song certainly encourages that obsession.
But, when you develop a lifestyle of the small things - you help write the history of someones life. Maybe not nations, maybe not countries, maybe not even your whole city. But you touch one life. Little bit by little bit.
How can you change the world, when you're not willing to touch the single life?

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