Monday, January 30, 2006

A Change of Heart

What is your sin? Come on... you know you have one. Me? I'm fighting pride. I find it's stain on my every action. Whether I like it or not. So what's your sin?
I ask that, because lately - while I've been struggling with this stupid pride - I've been pondering the idea of how change takes place. And I'm finding more and more that you achieve change once you're changing for God's sake, rather than change.
And the most interesting part, is that YOU don't change a thing. It's just surrendering to God working in you. No 'acts of holiness' will make you holier in God's eyes. All your actions don't change one thing about your heart. And it's your heart's absolute surrender to God that brings change.
Over at Blog in my own eye Keith blogged about The Hope of Glory. And he was talking about God In US.

I wondered how seriously we take the idea that God is in us.Because it's obvious to me that His Spirit is intimately involved in preservation of unity.When Paul wrote to Colossae, Christ was in the saints - though it was a mystery.
His Spirit was in the prophets before He was born among men, when they sought the details of that incarnation to serve those who would follow them.
His Spirit was in David, who begged that the Spirit not be taken away from him when he sinned against God.
It was His prayer to be in us.
If His Spirit isn't in us, we aren't His.
His Spirit is how He seals us as His own, and guarantees what He has promised later.
His Spirit is how He strengthens us from within.
His Spirit is how God pours out His love into our hearts.

It is God in us, those last two verses are the ones that I really enjoyed. Especially the one how He strengthens us from within. Changes always come from within. You accomplish nothing on your own. Praise God, that He in His infinite mercy would not only save us, but give us the exact help we need to become what He would want us to be. His mercy towards us is overwhelming. Especially if you stop and remember where you would be without him.
Praise God!

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