Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Health and fitness confessions

A special hello today to all those New Years Resolution folks out there. Because I'm joining your ranks today.
I've got a question for you, do you eat because your body tells you to eat, or because you choose to eat to maintain health and well... survive? Now, I understand your body tells you to eat because it's hungry, and a well trained body can give you a cue so that you will stay healthy. But, when your body says, feed me a chicken fried steak from Chili's, well... isn't it over stepping it's boundaries a bit? Well, that's what I'm tackling this year. For the next twelve months, and hopefully a lifetime afterwards, me and my body will eat only the foods I decide it should eat, whether my body likes it or not. Also, my body may just not eat for awhile if it's going to complain about the situation too much. It may sound like a weird masochistic thing I'm doing, but I don't believe it is. No one has ever died from missing one meal, or 20 even. Drinks lots of water, and as long as you don't do something stupid like keep off foods for a month, then you're pretty much set. There's a biblical basis to this, though I'm hard pressed to tell you what it is. I just don't want to live in submission to my body. If I don't want to stop and eat right now, because I've eaten enough already, I shouldn't have to eat because my body grumbles about it. And it really is more mental than physical. It seems when your body wants to eat you see food everywhere, or you're suddenly willing to get it from anywhere to fulfill a craving. I don't know if much of this has made sense, but...long story short, I'm taking control over my body and my eating habits. ;) This is gonna be interesting. :)

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Dazzler's Domain said...

I eat because it's a necessity... I'm sure if I had the money I would probably eat more.. but I eat only because I HAVE to. I can't afford much more than just what is absolutel necessary.

Good luck to you, I Hope you do well w/ this diet...

God bless