Monday, January 16, 2006

End of the Spear

Thanks to Louie over at Marshian Chronicles for his post.

This is very interesting - A major film, called “End of the Spear,” will be launched January 20.
The story begins in 1956, when five Christian missionaries gave their lives in an Ecuadorian jungle, attempting to bring the gospel to the Waodani stone-age people. At that time they were the most violent tribe on Earth — and yet they became the most loving and peaceful!
The missionaries made friendly contact, but something went terribly wrong. The Waodani speared them to death. A tragedy? Yes, but God turns everything to good, for the blessing of many and for his glory, and this was no exception.
God used this tragedy to motivate more people to become missionaries than any other event in modern history — perhaps ever. He also used two women to complete the work of the five martyred missionaries, bringing the Waodani to t; himself. So the deaths of those five men did more to advance the kingdom of God than their lives ever could.
But the story doesn’t end there. It seems God is about to use the tragedy that happened 50 years ago to help hundreds of thousands — maybe millions — to come to know Christ in our day, using The End Of The Spear. It is a major motion picture (production cost $12 million) that tells the story of God’s grace from the perspective of the Waodani.
Beginning January 20, End of the Spear will be shown in theaters across the United States. If it does well it will be accepted by many other theaters, but it must do well right from the start.
This is where you and I come in. We can make the film do well. Our prayers can make it prosper, and also we can do something to answer our own prayers. We can work together to get at least 100,000 people to see the film on January 20th.
How? Very simple. This e-mail is going to hundreds of addresses, many in America. Just about everyone else has American Christian friends. Our connections are endless! So, if each of us were to pass this e- mail on to just 10 others (some can share it with hundreds!), and each of them did the same, our goal of getting 100,000 people to see the film on January 20 would be reached easily — and likely greatly surpassed! Just forward this e-mail to 10 caring Christian friends.
Watch the trailer
What a great opportunity to advance the kingdom of God in such an easy, non-offensive and effective way!

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Thank you for your thoughts on this subject. I to hav recently had a very similar experience. The Scripure in Eph. 4 is very applicable.

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