Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why Fast?

I'm hungry! I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm hungry. I've just finished a fast. I'm back on the program an old pastor talked of doing a while back, called tithing your body, or something to that affect. It's a program where you fast the first Mon-Tue-Wed of each month. Thus, by the end of the year, giving God exactly 10% of your body. I have to tell you, I've finished this particular months, and I'm not too impressed with the results. I thought it was fitting starting out a new "I'm going to put my body into submission" by starting it with a fast. But I'm still not too impressed with the results. Other times when I've fasted, I've actually figured out solutions to some problem I was dealing with. And I haven't noticed anything happening mentally yet. Hopefully I'll be able to note some change in myself by the end of the year.
Have you ever fasted? Have you received any results from it?

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