Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Entitled Life

You've made a decision to live a healthy lifestyle, you've cut out sodas and are drinking just water from here on out, you're starting to feel the difference in your body, the changes as your body rids itself of toxins, and you're telling everyone else about the wonders of healthy living. Suddenly you find yourself thinking I've done so well, I'm going to pig out on junk food tonight. My body can take it, and I'll work off those calories later.

You've made a decision to live a Godly lifestyle, you've cut out your television and are just reading the bible from here on out, you're starting to feel the difference in your faith, the changes as your body fills itself with knowledge of the bible and the Holy Spirit, and you're telling everyone else about the wonders of salvation. Suddenly you find yourself thinking, I've done so well, and no one is perfect so it's not a big deal that I said that about Mrs. Franklin last night.

I don't know if I'll be able to get my point across at all. But I pray so. But do you feel entitled to sin? Have we conditioned ourselves so much that you can't 'not' sin, that we suddenly find it absolutely offensive if you suggest that I shouldn't sin? I've had this discussion several times with other people, and each time all it seems is people try and convince me that we're not sinless and that it's ok to sin. And I have little problem with accidental sin, it happens to us all and while we should guard our hearts and minds to prevent it it does happen. What I am blogging about today is premeditated sin. We know when we're doing it that it's sin, but we don't stop. We know before we do it that it's sin, but we continue planning the event, and we do it anyway. On the premise that everyone sins. The benefits of knowing my precious Savior, far outweigh the benefits of talking bad about someone, envying their belongings, or any number of sins. Nothing is as blessed as coming to a Righteous Redeemer and saying I don't want to sin. But so often, we make a conscious decision that we do indeed want to sin. And that we're going to follow through with it because, well, no one is perfect.

Sin enters your life much like the toxins of unhealthy food. It takes away your energy, it bloats you until all you feel like doing is sitting around taking in more toxins. It starts off simple, the 'cheat day' of sodas and chips, or gossiping and a few lies, until you realize you are so far off course that you've not got health problems from all your decisions. It's never the life we imagine when we have our cheat day. But the outcome can be quite the same.
Chase after God. Pursue Him. Seek Him while He may be found.

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