Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A scary place

I found myself in the most frightening position I've been in, in possibly forever. I sat across from the table, of someone that's suppose to be strong. Watched them cry and pour out their fears to me. It's one of those moments when you realize how stupid words are, and wonder how those without a sincere trust in God's Perfect Plan don't lose their minds.

I tell you this not so you'll know my situation, but so hopefully you'll know what to do when you're in a situation like this, those situations where you have no control, (eg. emotions, other peoples decisions, acts of God). So, what to do? Pray.

You know this, probably 99% of the Christians that come to this site (99% of the unsaved also!) know this already. You get in trouble and you should pray. But, I just want to exhort you. When you come to these situations, and you pray, pray knowing that without this prayer you won't make it. Pray believing that Christ alone can handle your burden, and that you are absolutely nothing without His strength working in you. Pray trusting, that God really does love you, and the people in your situation, more than you can possibly imagine.

I think a lot of people don't address their prayers to God like that, I know until recently I didn't. I would pray because I was concerned, and I thought God should be concerned. Imagine if someone came to you saying "Your child is sick! Please do something to help this child! I care about the child a lot!" What would your reaction as a mother/father be? Would you be angry? Did you feel like I automatically assumed that you didn't care as much as I did? Would you feel like, if you did help the child that you would of been doing it for the sake of the person asking rather than the one you love that was sick? Do we call on God to come to action, out of love for US, rather than the love for those that are hurting?

As a harsher example, are we so arrogant that we believe God's answers are out of love for us rather than love for those we've prayed for?

I'm ranting now, and I'll try to stop. I just want - mainly- remind you. God loves those you're praying for. Ask God to grant the fearful peace, not because you don't want to deal with their fear, but because God loves them, and in His word He promised peace to his believers.
God loves us, remember when you go to Him in prayer, that you're not trying to sell Him on a reason. He already has a reason to help us. He loves us. Worship Him and give Him your every care. For those that love God, and are called according to His purpose, He will work everything out for good.

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