Saturday, January 28, 2006

NOT a cop out

Just wanted to let you all know, I'm not hiding over here wondering what I should put just so I can fulfill the idea that I should post. It's truly the scriptures and so very many songs that have been speaking to me lately. My blessings, as of late, seem innumerable, and the amazing feeling that maybe, just maybe, I'm one step closer to my most faithful, and loving, powerful, and gracious Master is overwhelming.
It is my most heartfelt prayer, that God would bless this blog, and me by allowing anything I blog to somehow find its way into the hands of someone hurting. God loves you.
God bless you.
- Jeanette

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Dazzler's Domain said...

youre blogs ARE a blessing... you make a great writer, you say what you feel and you word it well. You get across to us so well what you're feeling. God bless you Jeanette :)