Friday, January 20, 2006

A cry from my heart.

Father God, I come before You now, with my heart breaking.
I have no ability to see beyond false smiles, and the superficial "I'm fines"
But Father God, YOU DO. Give me wisdom in my words,
Give me discernment, and perception that could only come from You.
Give Your followers insight to the lost and hurting around them.
All of us. Not just me.
Touch those hurting.
Lead them to those that can point out Your amazing love Lord.
With Your amazing Grace, draw them to Your own Word that will open their eyes to your love for them that came with such a high cost.
Give them hope.
And do whatever it takes to break our hearts for the nation that's lost and hurting around us.
Father, we're so calloused.
So hardened, that we don't see the big picture of those hurting.
Break my heart Father, again and again, until it is raw and tender.
So that I can be sensitive, and my heart will be towards the lost in a more fervent way.
Remind me daily. Of Your lost and dying world.
Touch through ME.
And forgive me for letting worldly, foolish distractions, take my eyes off the lost and dying, the hurting and mourning.
Please Father God, In the precious Holy name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.
Grant me this.


Carrie N Becky said...

Wow, I just keep going deeper in the Finding Ineresting Christian Blogs search, and I keep finding more of the above mentioned. Good writing, thanks for sharing!

flyawaynet said...

Thanks Carrie, for stopping by and commenting - especially for your kind words. I look forward to visiting your blog as well.

Dazzler's Domain said...

I've always loved your prayers... they're so strong and so honest. You speak directly from the heart, and that is cool.

God bless