Friday, March 09, 2007

Am I wrong?

I dug myself into a hole over at the blog "TentPegs" on his post "When Rochester Comes to the Table"

Read through the comments and you'll see where I chimed in and where the host Patrick Mead attempted to correct me. I use the word "attempted" only because when I read the post he directed me to, I wasn't swayed. I in no way mean to belittle what he did, because if there's one thing I wish more people would do, is correct me if they think I'm wrong.

I disagreed with a few things in the post he directed me to: "Discerning the Body". But, since I recently posted on it here, I'm wondering if everyone that's read my opinion on the subject thinks I'm way off base.

So, if you think I'm wrong, way off base, or even downright blasphemous, now is the time to tell me.


One Sided said...

Not wrong.


Not complete.

flyawaynet said...

Then teach me the whole.

One Sided said...

I am

One day at a time

As I am shown

As I understand

And some questions will only be cleared up when Jesus tells us.

The scripture uses communion as the example for the way we are to approach worship. Communion as Baptism has no mystical power they on their own accomplish nothing that is not already prepared in the heart of us. Thus the need for self examination to make sure we are not taking communion , lightly, out of habit, just because someone said to, So that communion does not become a law the Pharisees look to see if we did it properly.