Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Unexpected good stuff.

I don't mean to sound judgemental, but when I know that the page I'm reading is written by a Bishop for the United Methodist Church, I just don't imagine I'm going to find a unique post on loving and worshipping God. At least not one that I'd enjoy so fully as I did this post. I'll be going back to his site often now thanks to Milton Stanley at Transforming Sermons. In his posts he referred me to this article on "What's the point of worship?" written by A Peculiar Prophet.

Here is a piece, the rest is at the linked to title above.

Love is not love if it is simply a matter of obeying rules, running errands, and performing duties. Some things we do just because we enjoy being in the presence of our loved one. So we sing songs, write poetry, dance, clap our hands, share food, or simply prop up our feet and do nothing but enjoy being with one another. In these purposeless moments of sheer enjoyment, we come very close to what love is all about.

If someone asked a Christian, “What’s the purpose of your worship? Why do you gather on Sunday and sing songs, dress up, kneel, march in processions, clap your hands, shed tears, speak, eat, and listen?” We could only say, “Because we are in love.”

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Milton Stanley said...

I'm glad you found something useful at TS. Thanks for reading, and all the best for your own writing here.