Thursday, March 08, 2007


If ever a company has garnered my ire, it was my mortgage company. I held my tongue (my house was hanging in the balance, I'm no dummy) and prayed the whole ordeal would end soon.
Finally it was over.
I didn't have to deal with them anymore, but in a rare moment of me being willing to let something slide, I chose to let sleeping dogs lie. I left it alone.

Until yesterday.

They had required I have a check in their files for $495.00 and assured me that they would give it back to me at closing.
They didn't show up at the closing. (My surprise overwhelmed me)
So they said they would mail it to me.
Amazingly enough, instead of mailing it to me, they mailed it to the entity the check was made out to, and amazingly enough, they cashed it.
So I called the mortgage people and was finally (I have my house now) as forceful as I enjoy being. For the first time in our dealings they actually began returning my phone calls. It was a wonderful thing.

Fast forward to that very evening. I went home and checked my mail and there was a letter from my mortgage company asking me to please write a short testimonial for their company, and if possible enclose a picture of me or the house or both.
Needless to say, I'm happy to write the testimonial.

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