Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm becoming PC Politically Correct a Practicing Christian.

I've had to become overwhelmingly decisive.

I could make decisions before, but was never called on to do so at the rate I am now. My days consist of ordering people around now. Store this here, install this there, remove that from the wiring, put in a new phone box this one is outdated, no, I don't need that service plan but this service plan over here will do. When I get home from work, my day has already been prioritized as to what's most important. Do I unpack today or fix the hole in the wall? Do I move all the furniture and put the dumb rug down or should I fix the door lock?

I'm constantly deciding what, when, where and which one, and that takes away my trend of staying quiet and staying out of trouble. This constant decision making gives me a more forceful feeling that came across easily in yesterdays post. And I'm glad.

I don't think there is a happy medium between forceful and quiet. But I do believe in a happy balance of being forceful when necessary and being quiet when necessary. Having it within you to be either one when called upon, is a good thing. I just hope I can be careful to not step out of forceful to harsh.

I am going to be careful with this post, and hopefully will succeed.

Love one another.

Love one another.

Love one another.

Love your fellow church brothers and sisters enough to love them whether they brought sandwiches to the church dinner or the same cold plate of mush that no one has identified yet. Love them enough to love them enough though they don't sing loud during the song service. Love them enough to love them even though they can't sing worth a flip but they sing louder than anyone else in the congregation. Love them enough to love them even though they turn you down when you ask them to start a church newsletter, or a calendar, or a womens night, or a prayer meeting. Love them enough to love them even if they turn you down for every single thing you ask.

Love them enough to encourage them to read their bibles. Love them enough to encourage them to pray. Love them enough to not speak anything negative about them even if you feel justified. Love them enough that they know whatever you said is an exhortation, not a criticism. Love them enough to be an example of what they can grow to become.

But most of all, love them enough that they feel you love them.

It's hard to believe in love. It's hard to believe in a God that loves you, a God that willingly and brutally sacrificed His Son for you. It's hard to believe in those things. That's why so many of our population choose to believe in nothing. Because refusing to believe in anything, is easier than hoping for something.

Whatever church you attend, whatever job you work at, whatever grocery store you shop in, whatever city you live in; practice love. Practice it in your every word, your every deed, and most importantly your every thought. Practice it and practice it until you get it right. Practice it until you notice people gravitating to you. Then you know you're getting closer.

Then, as they gravitate you, point them to your Source of love. The only One that would be able to plant a love in your heart for all the flawed people you'll come in contact with.

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