Monday, March 05, 2007

Dog days of March

Often my co-worker and I look like we have too much time on our hands... primarily this image of us is crafted because we, well, have too much time on our hands.

We've painstakingly nursed an injured pigeon back to health after we were told had slammed into the back of a car. We spent weeks bandaging and cleaning the crazy thing (I have a strong dislike for birds within 3 feet of me). Then finally we watched with bittersweet excitement as we finally took it outside to try and fly again, only to have it get about 20 feet up in the air and then crash back down. We went back to our ministrations and actually found someone that wanted it as a pet.

Office life, you've got to love it.

Today, I noticed a guy walking to our office bent in half. He opened the door and it turned out that he was bent in half because he was trying to hold onto the collar of a little terrier that had been found wandering in the street. He let it in our office and asked us to call the pound, but then had to leave. We called the pound and were more than a little nervous when they announced that they didn't have anyone on duty this afternoon since "the guy" had to go home early.

So our new dog wandered around in the office and relieved himself on our office plant.

After about 15 minutes of him I wondered if the guy that nabbed him had jumped the gun and maybe his owner was eating lunch or something right near here and might be still around. So, connecting an old telephone cord to his collar (this is an office you know!) I held onto him while he ran to the corner. Just then an old man in a blue pickup truck driving by yelled "That's my dog!". He blocked traffic for awhile, and explained that his wife had alzheimers and had let the dog out of the truck. I loaded him up into the guys truck and parted ways.

Our dog day had ended.

I'm a huge fan of the out-of-the-ordinary. Nothing brightens a day or changes a day quite like it.

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One Sided said...

IT was the weekend of escaped Dogs.

While I was pulling weeds on Saturday, and heard a pickup speed by and also heard the clank of metal on pavement. So I investigated.adn I found a small piece of scrap metal. About an houe later ths same truck is now parked at theintersection adn the driver is using not child friendly language adn kicking his truck. I walked to him thinking perhaps teh scrap of metal was more important than it looked. He let me know he was out looking for the family puppy, which had once been secured in the back of the pickup. THe teathers were there it looked as if someone had just unclipped the puppy and taken it.
Next was that evening, my son-in-law was leaving his job, when he opened the truck door a dog bounded across the parking lot and made itself at home. HE called home and it was decided that they could not leave a dog out on a night that was going to get into the 30s. So it came home and while I have not checked, it was to be leaving today.